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welcome to trope hell

fuck or dietime travelmeet the parents / familyin vino veritas / drunkficepistolary
trapped in a dreamunexpected friendshipmind gamesvirginficmarriage
road tripmind controlFREE

twenty-four hours to livehandcuffed / bound together
soul bonding / soulmatesau: fusionau: fairy tale / mythau: crossoverpresumed dead
fork in the roadau: royalty / aristocracy / feudalholidayfictransformationstrust and vows

...I'm side-eyeing the random generator that gave me so many potential mushy tropes. 

For reference when I inevitably forget what the things are

au: fusion - a type of fanwork which merges two or more fandoms by incorporating characters from one fandom into the setting of another as if they had always been there.

epistolary - fanfic in the form of collated documents. Most usually these are letters, often written between the characters in a romantic pairing... Email [or chatroom messages, tweets] may take the place of traditional letters when appropriate to the story's setting. Other types of documents—such as diary entries and newspaper clippings (or a mix of forms)—may be used as well, or as an alternative.


drunkfic: Tales of Xillia, Jude'n'Alvin shenanigans. Milla will probably outdrink everyone by abusing the spirits, because I can see her doing that.Alternatively she will go out of her way to get completely blasted for the authentic human experience (trademark pending).
au: fairy tale/myth: Shingeki no Kyojin. GIANTS.
unexpected friendship: all my fandoms are this hahaha. Three potentials:
- mass effect: Garrus and Wrex, turian-krogan SUPERFRIENDS
- dragon age 2: mage!Hawke and MAGES DISGUST ME aka Fenris
- the walking dead: Lee and Clem, although I don't think I will be able to write this because of the TEARS IN MY EYES