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2020-12-06 01:53 pm
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l o c k e d ?

access only
It's cool if you want to bother me on this post though.
I'm pretty liberal with access tbh, if you think we'd get along
give me a poke!
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2014-11-19 12:22 am

december posting meme!!

Stolen from elsewhere: Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.
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2012-01-25 04:12 am

artes TCG

[community profile] artes_tcg
 name; Char | date joined; 25/01/14
   card count; 22 





4/03: alliance14 -> chimeriad07 
freebies #1: timid11, spiria14
27/02: timid06, vigilante11, elemental07, sigmund08 
21/02: battle arena #2 - bloody18, healing04, mission02
16/02: word find - fatalist03, lonewolf12, galearc13, galearc20, alliance14, melange gel
26/01: holy18, holy14, holy15, alliance21, peachpie11, firstaid11, timid05, spiria24, spiria14, heart21

springidol: sigmund08 -> chimeriad13
springidol: kritya11 -> mask01
griff: sheriff17 -> mask02
tsuchidaruma: galearc20 -> chimeriad09
butterflysparkles: unseals23 -> chimeriad08
lastalia: fodra04 -> mask04
meria: courage06 -> mask05
meria: mission02 -> holy22
lastalia: galearc13 -> hymn08
adurotum: bloody18 -> hymn10
vilya: firstaid11 -> holy11
lewin: spira24 -> bonemask03
lanvaldear: booster11 -> lenshunter25
clonesakas: flower05 -> lenshunter08
danybel: justice02 -> lenshunter24
anesidorian: broom07 -> lenshunter23
jenybear: bloody01 -> lenshunter22
baredick: playboy06 -> lenshunter20
lewin: alliance21 -> lenshunter21
cautiousardent: heart21 -> holy05